About Us

BabySight Sdn. Bhd. is the provider for Universal Newborn Eye Exam Digital (UNEED) services in Malaysia. Recognizing high prevalence of potentially sight threatening eye problems among newborn, full term babies BabySight has designed a Universal Neonatal Eye Examination program that uses proven, state of the art, digital imaging based telemedicine technology to screen for pathologies and abnormalities in every newborn baby’s eye, shortly after birth. BabySight is offering an outsourced UNEED service solution, intended to make such an advanced program available to all hospitals with maternity department.


BabySight proposes a turnkey service based on a RetCam platform and specially trained and qualified RetCam operators to screen the babies. BabySight strives to work together with every hospital to promote UNEED to the parents for the benefit of all the babies.