What is UNEED?

UNEED is the first in a series of pediatric digital exams that extend from birth through the first year of a child's life. UNEED combines quality clinical care in the screening of potential eye diseases, along with RetCam Digital Imaging of your child, before discharge from the hospital. 


Why is UNEED important?

Capturing a comprehensive set of full-color UNEED images provides a baseline of your newborn's eyes, and can aid doctors with the early detection of certain eye disorders and timely referral if necessary


Eye imaging of all newborns should be as much a part of standard newborn care as hearing screening. According to data from several national studies across the globe, the rate of intraocular pathology for which newborn babies are tested for can be as high as 2%. Compared to this, the rate of hearing abnormalities for which hearing tests are performed is 6 times less prevalent (approx. 1:300)